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The Articles Of Incorporation







SECOND. Its principal office and place of business is located at 702 Poplar Street, Wilmington, Delaware.

THIRD. The nature of the business or objects or purposes proposed to be transacted, promoted or carried on by this Corporation are to do any and all of the things herein set forth, in any part of the world, and especially as principal, agent, trustee or otherwise, to the same extent as natural persons might or could do, the powers, privileges and rights hereby given being in furtherance and not in limitation of the Laws of The State of Delaware, viz.:

To teach and promote the cause of true religion through the World, acknowledging The Lord Jesus Christ as the head of the Church, and the Word of God as the sufficient rule of faith, and practice in all things pertaining to Godliness.

To incorporate and unite the Church Government of Colored Methodist Protestant Churches under the doctrine and discipline of and connection of The United States of America or elsewhere as particularly set forth in its Sixteenth Revised Printed Edition of said doctrine and Discipline published at Wilmington, Delaware, September 8-14, 1926, and the Amendments and additions thereto as afterwards made. To practice and teach religion throughout the United States in Churches and meetings that may be now established or that may hereafter be established in harmony with the Constitution of Laws of The United States of America and of the respective States of The American Union, and according to the teachings and principles of The General Conference of said church, and as more particularly set forth in said book of doctrine and discipline as the same is now established and may be added to an reestablished from time to time.

To purchase, acquire, hold, own, mortgage, pledge, sell, assign or otherwise dispose of goods, wares, and merchandise, chosen in action, rights, accounts and personal property of every kind and conception; to enter into, make and perform contracts of any kind with any person, firm, association or corporation, municipality or body politics, without limitation as to amount.

To draw, make, accept, endorse, execute and issue promissory notes or other negotiable instruments, whether secured by mortgage or otherwise, and to secure the same by mortgage or otherwise, as far as permitted by the Laws of The State of Delaware.

To have one or more offices, to purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, own, improve, mortgage, encumber, lease or otherwise dispose of real estate in any State, District or Territory of The United States, or in any foreign country or place.

This corporation is created solely for religious and educational purposes.


FOURTH. This corporation is organized not for profit, and shall have no Capital Stock.

The membership of this corporation shall be as provided for by this Certificate and/or, as set forth in the by-laws of the corporation, and as may be, from time to time, established by the trustees of the corporation, and no more particularly set forth in the discipline of The African Union First Colored Methodist Protestant Church as herein before mentioned.

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